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For this week’s ‘A Day in the Life of’ we have Audrey Harris- the Head of our Design and Technical team here at Panache. We quizzed Audrey on a typical day to give you an insight in to her role;


1.    What time did you wake up?


2.    Did you make your bed?

My husband has that pleasure

3.    What are you wearing to work today?

Beige Chino’s and check shirt….

4.    How did you get started in your career?

At 8 I made my first collection for my Sindy doll from my Mums old curtains. I majored in needlework at School and after Design college I started at the bottom and worked my way up…

5.    How/Why did you get into lingerie?

I worked for Empire Stores Catalogue and Lingerie was one of the teams I Managed.  I was also the 32 HH model….(only joking!)

6.    What is in your diary/to do list like on an average day?

It can vary quite a lot but on todays list the main to-do tasks are range plan design meetings, critical path exceptions review, Skype call off shore team/factories, review colour/fit issues, project update, sign invoices- the list goes on!

7.    What did you accomplish today/this week?

Tidied the design office…John will be happy.

8.    What did you want to accomplish today?

To answer all the emails I didn’t get chance to answer yesterday

9.    What was the best part of your day?

My first cup of tea!

10.   What do you like about what you do?

The satisfaction of knowing we occasionally solve problems

11.   What is most challenging about what you do?

Trying to keep everyone happy….

12.   What is most rewarding?

My team

13.   What is your favourite Panache bra? Yes you can only pick one.

Masquerade Ardour…..

14.   What are your favorite clothing brands?

Mui Mui… Simple but Chic

15.   What is your favourite ice cream?

Coconut ice

16.   What is your favourite flower?


Keep an eye on our blog for more insights into the roles behind Panache HQ!


A day in the life | Head of Technical & Design