Are multiway bras right for me?

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Those of us with curves and larger busts often struggle to find the right sort of bra to go with our wardrobe – there’s nothing more awkward that buying a beautiful cocktail dress or summer holiday outfit and then not being able to find the right bra to go with it. It’s not that the bras aren’t out there, of course, but rather that not all types of bras are suitable for women with larger busts – or are they?

One useful bra for any woman to have in her underwear wardrobe is a multi-way bra that can work under strapless, halterneck, or any other number of dresses or tops. However, a multi-way bra wouldn’t immediately seem as supportive as a regular bra for women with larger busts, due to the moveable and often thing straps.

The Evie bra shows that strapless bras do work for all sizes!

However, if you are wearing a bra that is the correct size, then the majority of the support for your bust should come from the underband, not from the straps, meaning that multi-way bras can be supportive and comfortable. It’s just essential that you ensure you’re wearing the right size to start with!

If you do decide to wear a multi-way bra under your outfit, choose one in the closest colour possible to your dress or top; if that’s not possible, opt for a nude multi-way bra. Make sure that there are no gaps between the bra cups and your bust, instead making sure there is a smooth silhouette over the top of your bust and the bra. Any strapless dress you wear needs to be fitted at the bust, while halterneck dresses need to have straps that don’t feel uncomfortable or dig in over your upper chest.

With the range of pretty and practical bras available, multi-way bras can be worn by anyone, including women with larger busts. With these sorts of bra, it’s just essential that (as always) you make sure you have a well-fitting bra that’s in the correct size for you.

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Are multiway bras right for me?