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The lovely Fran at Skulls and Ponies wrote a dazzling review that really resonated with us here at Panache, so we decided to invite her to write for our blog and share her experiences with you.

I am not a fan of buying bras. There, I said it – and now you are all probably wondering what on earth I am doing guest posting on a lingerie site! See that’s the thing: I hate buying bras but I love lingerie.

This contradiction is a tricky one – I need to wear a bra seeing as I’m a lady of ample bosom, and what’s more I walk into an underwear shop or browse online stores such as Panache and get incredibly excited that everything is so beautiful! Spotty ones, frilly ones, bras with bows, bras with anchors, silky bras, balconette bras, lacey bras, bras with matching pants – what’s not to love? However, then I go off and try them on only to find there is a bit of boob poking out here and some back fat spilling out there and it’s ALL WRONG. 10-bras-tried-on later and I am severely frustrated and my boobs are distinctly lacking in any kind of support. Sound familiar?

You see the problem, ladies, is that most of us think we know what bra size we are but in actual fact we are way off the mark. Even if you’ve been measured think back to when it was. 2003? That wasn’t long ago. Oh wait – yes it was, it was 10 years ago! If you are anything like me, chances are your weight fluctuates on a regular basis and as a result your bra size does too. You very well might have been a 32DD a year ago – but that doesn’t mean you are now!

It’s important to get measured regularly and to make sure you are wearing the right size bra. First and foremost because it’ll save you having back problems and droopy boob syndrome later on in life – but also because it’ll make the experience of shopping for a bra far less traumatic!

When you are confident you know what bra size you are it makes shopping for bras so much more fun, and you can spend your time on the important decisions like whether to opt for a fun and quirky style or sexy and sophisticated.

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Can't find the right fit?