Change your bra, change your look!

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Many of us will know the benefit of flattering and stylish clothes in changing our look (and how we feel), but not all of us know exactly how important well-fitting and supportive underwear is to changing our look.

Some people might think that shapewear – that underwear that sucks in parts of your body and tucks in other parts – is the only underwear that can make a significant difference in how you look. However, a well-fitting bra that supports your bust is essential for any woman who wants to look, and feel, her best.

A great, correctly-fitted bra will support your breasts from underneath, meaning that your waist appears smaller thanks to the visual difference between your bust and your waist. If you’ve been wearing a badly-fitting bra, you’ll also notice a difference as your bra will support the weight of your bust, saving your back muscles and allowing you to stand up straighter. Good posture like this in turn will accentuate your figure by opening out your shoulders – so instead of stooping and rounding them over, you can hold them back with pride!

Whatever clothes you wear, and whatever your style, a great-fitting bra will make the world of difference. Choosing the right bra is essential, however, so if whether you’re a t-shirt and jeans girl or prefer something a little more girly, choose a comfortable and supportive bra that reflects your style. T-shirt and shirt wearers should go for a moulded cup bra for a smooth, sleek silhouette, while those of you who like tea dresses might opt for something a little lighter and prettier.

Enhancing your look with the right underwear is a simple step that can make the world of difference. The right underwear can change the way we feel, even if other people can’t see it! It can make you feel confident, gorgeous, and stylish, which will all come out in the way you hold yourself. Invest in some great underwear, and see the difference for yourself. If you think you might be wearing the wrong size, why not have a go with our Bra Fit Challenge?

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Change your bra, change your look!