Choosing the right bra for hot weather

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Back before central heating, air conditioning, and a whole host of other temperature and humidity regulators, what we wore for our underwear was an essential component of keeping cool – or warm – whatever the weather. Flannel, wool and other heavy, thick fibres made up the majority of our underwear wardrobe, including those dreaded garments called ‘thermals’! Nowadays, we don’t have to be so concerned with keeping very warm in winter, but keeping cool and comfortable in summer can be difficult if you don’t have the right underwear.

First of all, it’s essential that your bra – in particular – is fitted correctly. An ill-fitting or incorrectly measured bra will only be more uncomfortable in hot weather, so use our bra fit wizard or visit your local department store to find out how to measure your bra size.

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Once you have the right bra size for you, choosing a bra and underwear that is cool, comfortable and breathable is essential. Man-made fibres like polyester and nylon have come on a long way since the 70s, when itchy blouses were de rigeur; however, choosing natural fibres like cotton, silk or a mix of these is still preferable in hot weather. These natural fibres keep you cool thanks to the weave of the fabric, and their unique properties also mean that they wick away moisture from your body, keeping you dry no matter the temperature outside!

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Our Porcelain t-shirt bra is a great choice for hot weather

Many women find that certain bras can be more uncomfortable in hot weather than others. Choosing a properly fitted bra and one made predominantly from natural fibres can help this, but if you’re still feeling discomfort, it might be that bras without underwires are more suitable for you in hot weather. Moulded bras – like t-shirt bras without underwires and with a smooth, soft surface – are a great alternative, as they provide excellent support without sacrificing on comfort.

Another option is a non-wired bra that is simply made of fabric. These bras aren’t always the best for women with a larger bust, as they don’t provide as much support as moulded and underwired bras. However, they’re excellent for wearing under loose fitting garments and in very hot weather, as there aren’t any parts that could dig in or feel tight – remember, in hotter weather always feels much more sensitive so even the slightest thing can start to irritate it.

Our Panache bras are designed to be comfortable and supportive, whatever the weather, meaning you’ll always look great and feel even better.

Choosing the right bra for hot weather