Diversity in lingerie

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We realised something, our lingerie doesn’t strive to all look the same; lace, silk, thread, colour, texture, pattern, it’s all unique – and so are you. Women want to stand out from one another, so viewing countless images of the same perfected model ironically goes a long way to defeat this object.

The female form is a fabulous figure to behold, and the reason is its diversity; no two women are like for like, and their choice of style and fashion is often based on their want to express their individuality, which can only ever be a wonderfully good thing.

Design enjoys pushing the boundaries, and so do Panache. We advocate the diverse make-up of women in much the same way as our collections – that’s why we make them the way we do. Mirroring the exact same pattern, texture and tone would grow tiresome, it’s simply no fun.

The Panache style exists to fill a thousand niches – and you’re one of them. It’s our passion to recognise and provide beautiful lingerie which can be thoroughly and realistically enjoyed by all women, not just one type.

In recent years fashion has taken a massive ‘sit up and pay attention approach’ to the one thing all women probably do have in common, which is the opinion that they are not all the same. But have they done enough?

Our latest casting encapsulates your cries for models who are a good and true representation of your friend, your mum, your female work colleague, you. We know how sporting, hard-working and gorgeously seductive you women can be and we want you to browse our collection knowing what you’ll see is what you’ll get.

We’ve given a sneak preview of our latest Cleo collection; with emphasis on lingerie in real context. Like the many women speaking out online, this shake-up is not a revelation of ‘flaws’ in photo shoots – and that’s because there are none. Only true body forms exist, and it’s up to us to showcase them all in the spotlight!

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Diversity in lingerie