How to Buy Lingerie as a Gift

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Most people think that lingerie is something that partners gift their other half’s, but we feel that lingerie is such a beautiful and personal present to receive why not gift a set to your best friend? We at Panache have come up with a few tips to make sure that you get the perfect set for your close friend!

Decide where to shop

You can get the look and feel of the garment you are selecting for your friend but you may be the nervous type and wind up selecting the wrong item. Sometimes salespeople will approach you and tempt you into buying something that may not be suitable to your friend’s style.

Online lingerie stores are the best, easiest and safest place to shop. Check out Panache’s online stockists here to find out where you can shop the ranges.

Know her size

First, be sure the site you purchase from has sizing charts so that you can match that to her if you are unsure. You will need to do some investigation to figure out her correct size so slip it into a conversation casually if you haven’t spoken about it before. Also, remember that all manufacturers sizing runs differently so be sure to email them if you are not sure.

Choose a style

Depending on your best friend’s personal style, make sure that you choose something that she will feel comfortable in. If your friend is more of a casual girl, buy something that is lace, satin or silk. If your friend is a bit more daring select something  brighter or with a fun print.


How to Buy Lingerie as a Gift