How to Wear Colourful Bras

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It seems a shame to splash out on fabulous zesty and colourful new underwear, and then try to hide them under layers thick enough for it not to show. So, why not work them into your look?


Okay perhaps sporting your bra on top of your t-shirt is going a bit too far, (let’s leave that to Clark Kent), but a cheeky flash of colourful lace never harmed anyone. This isn’t so much about unsightly bra straps, and unsightly thongs, but a well-considered fashion choice.

Summer in the UK is never guaranteed to be a hot one, so admittedly – the layers might still have to play a part in this look. If you’re feeling the need for a flash of colour, as well as your go-to red lipstick, or fail-safe scarf, reach for your new bra. Our strawberry coloured Juna bra is perfect for this! Just showing the side mesh of your bra is enough to add interest to your outfit – aptly helped along with the low cut arm feature circulating in fashion at the moment.

Remember, if you’re going to show it off, make it a nice one; be bold, be bright and be beautiful! The key to this approach is definitely ‘colour’ – we still can’t quite condone a white bra under a sheer black top, or even the opposite.

Try to think of your bra as an addition to your outfit. As long as you’re suitably supported and covered up, a colourful lace trim along your cleavage can make a pretty addition to a low cut dress, and in fact can give more coverage to your décolletage.

The Secret to invisible bras

if your wanting to have some colour in your life but not show it to the world, red is completely invisible under a white top.


Don’t be afraid to change your usual style of bra for one with a little extra material if you’re shy about revealing too much. Crop tops are very much back in fashion, and are ideal for splashing your favourite colour around whilst keeping every bit of dignity!


How to Wear Colourful Bras