Is it time to dump your bra?

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Bras offer us so much protection and support; however we do not always treat them with the same respect.

Bras are structured specifically to fit the form of your body, to cup and support your breasts and not only give a great shape and silhouette but also to. There is no point in wearing a bra that isn’t working for you. To get the best from your bras you need to know when you need to keep hold of them and when you seriously need to just get rid!

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The fit;

There is nothing worse than fidgeting thorough the day with a horrid ill-fitting bra. However, if you have the bra fitted properly this shouldn’t happen, but like you buy new jeans as they lose their fit and colour so must you with bras. They are made of materials that when stretched, washed and spun when cleaned will wear and lose shape and structure. This means that no matter how much you love the colour or pattern they are not worth keeping.

The wires;

These magically shaped wires that support and shape not only the breasts themselves but the clothes that we put on top of them. Like the material the bras are made of, the wires also come under a lot of pressure from washing and wearing, they will in time deteriorate and become less effective. This may mean the wires twist, stick out of the seams of the bra or come apart completely. If this is the case, the only option is to get rid!

The colour;

We all have those fail safe items of clothing, the faithful bra that you wear time and time again, but like anything the more you wear it the more you wash it, the more the wash it the more it loses its colour. There is nothing worse than your once white bra becoming a slightly mucky looking grey. The key to keeping your whites and brights right, is properly washing them. Don’t over heat and spin them in the washing machine, don’t drag them through the tumble dryer and make sure that you wash deodorant and perfume off them to avoid staining.

If you follow these easy steps you can ensure you are treating both your body and your outfits to the best support and foundation.

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Is it time to dump your bra?