Make your Lingerie Work for Your Body Shape

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Accentuating your best features helps you to feel confident

Whether you want to accentuate your legs or cleavage, accentuating your best features is the first step to making you feel confident. Once you know what you want to show off (or not focus on) you’re well on the way to being able to pick the right style of lingerie for you.

An underwired bra is great for lifting the breasts and depending on the style of bra it can also give you a terrific cleavage too. A balcony style bra is great for uplift and silhouette, whilst a plunge will give you more cleavage. Basques and corsets are also great for minimising waistlines plus they also accentuate your bust, and cover tummies too.


Choose the most flattering combination

Whilst matching bra and briefs are the classic combination, they’re not always the most flattering choice for everyone. So if you’re looking for lingerie you can undress to impress with, and you’re conscious of your tummy or thighs, you might want to consider an alternative. A chemise or babydoll are great for covering skin, the flowing length is terrific for hiding tummies and tops of thighs – particularly if you opt for opaque fabric.


Give some thought to what you’ll be wearing with your bra, basque or corset

If you’re buying a bra there will always be a brief or thong to match. So think about what will be the most flattering style for your shape.

Make your Lingerie Work for Your Body Shape