Measuring bra size: are you wearing the correct fit?

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Admit it – how many of us have visited a high street store and squeezed ourselves into a size smaller than we find comfortable, just because of the number on the label? Our obsession with sizing means that we don’t always wear clothing that is well-fitting, instead choosing to worry about the label no-one can see rather than the outward look of the garment!

We’ve found at Panache that the same can be said for bra sizing. Women are used to being told that the ‘average’ bra size in the UK is around a 34 back and a B/C cup, so anything outside of that remit is going to seem disproportionate. We all like to think we’re no different from the ‘average’ woman, so women are often reluctant to wear a correctly-fitting bra because of the label that may make them stand out as different.

Just like on the high street, difficulties with sizing are compounded by each brand having slightly different  fitting techniques and sizes – what might be a 30D in one  brand isn’t guaranteed to be the same in another brand! Not all women know what a correctly-fitting bra feels like, either, making it harder to convince people to wear the right size as it might feel too tight or firm compared to the bras they have been wearing previously.

We designed our Bra Fit Challenge in order to help women work out whether the bra they are wearing is the correct fit or not; this bra size guide is ideal if you have been suffering from chafing, tightness or your bra feels loose around the cups or band, as it will help work out whether you need to go up or down a size. Wearing the correct size bra is important not only for the look of your bust, but also for the health of your back, especially if you have larger breasts that might cause a strain on your back muscles without proper support.

Instead of worrying about the little set of letters and numbers in your bra, embrace your natural size by wearing a bra that fits comfortably and provides you with plenty of support. Everyone woman is different and unique, so why would we want to be average?

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Measuring bra size: are you wearing the correct fit?