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We’re so excited to have joining in our I Am Panache campaign the inspiring Millie Bright, English Footballer for the FA Women’s Super League and for the England national team. Read on to find out motivational tips and why a fitted sports bra is so important when exercising.

How important is it for you to wear a fitted sports bra when participating in sports or exercise?

Very important! When wearing a proper sports bra it allows you to be comfortable throughout all exercises or sports participated in. A proper sports bra also ensures you are performing sports and exercise in the correct positions reducing the risk of injury from poor form. 

Do you think that it helps enhance your performance on the pitch?

Yes as it allows you to be fully focused on the game and not worrying about being uncomfortable. 

Does wearing a fitted sports bra help to boost your confidence whilst exercising?

100%, I don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable during training or matches, I am fully focused on the session therefore I am performing to the highest level I can. 

What’s your advice for women with larger busts who may have been put off participating in sports in the past because of issues with finding the right bra for exercising?


I would 100% recommend they firstly get a fitting with panache to make sure they get the perfect bra fitted which is what I did and I now have no worries whilst performing exercise. You may need to try a few to find the perfect bra for you as everyone is different. 

Do you have any motivation tips for women who want to get back into sports but haven’t played for a while?

Choose an activity that makes you feel good and that you enjoy to start with and then once you get back into routine you can start to challenge yourself even more. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy exercise.

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Millie Bright - I Am Panache Sport