Stay Safe in the Sun – Even in the UK

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Difficult to comprehend, we know, but even in the UK the effects of the sun can be damaging to your body. Granted, we don’t get much of the yellow stuff, and whilst it’s tempting to rush outdoors at the first glimpse of hot weather, it’s worth spending time protecting yourself and your loved ones from sun damage.

This month is melanoma awareness month, which is bringing people’s attention to this unwelcome form of skin cancer. We all know the risk of cancer by now, and whilst many forms are unavoidable, campaigns like these are always a good reminder of how important it is to stay safe where possible.

We’re not suggesting staying indoors whilst the weather is blissful outside, but if you’re planning to spend a full day – or week – in the sun, try to take precautions.
Wear a sun hat

A classic but fail safe method of keeping the sun off your head. Your scalp is a sensitive area, and will likely burn as we either forget to apply sunscreen here, or struggle to cover the area as hair gets in the way. Not everyone suits hats, we get that, but covering up with clothing really is the best form of protection, and with so many fashionable alternatives to choose from you’re bound to discover a beach style to suit.

Apply sunscreen, generously

Apply a high SPF (sun protection factor) sunscreen to help block out UV rays which come from the sun. Sunscreen is only effective if you apply generously and regularly to the skin; the higher the SPF, the fewer rays can get through, but it does wear off. Apply it about an hour before going out in the sun, and then regularly thereafter. (It gives great moisture to the skin too!)

Drink lots of water

It won’t stop you getting skin cancer, but it will keep you hydrated, refreshed and stop you from becoming too lethargic – which is often the excuse for not getting up to apply more sunscreen or even moving into the shade for a while!

Never without make-up, darling

Scarcely seen without your make-up? Why not just choose one with an SPF?

The little ones

Children and toddlers don’t sit still, fact. The best you can do is provide a large enough shaded area for them to play, but also apply a high factor, water-proof sunscreen to their skin. Keep an eye on their activity as they will be in and out of water and generally keeping them safe could be a nightmare for you! You may have to chase them around a camp site with their hat a few times, but they’ll soon learn to do it for themselves.

Unfortunately for the more fair-haired amongst us, you are naturally at greater risk of burning. Red heads, and those with freckles should take extra care to protect their delicate skin. For more tailored made sun advice, check out the website, and enjoy your summer.

Stay Safe in the Sun – Even in the UK