Summer Beauty Hacks We Cannot Live Without

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The weather may not be as warm as we had hoped for but your skin and hair will be feeling the change in weather. To make sure you are keeping both healthy we have compiled your must have beauty cupboard buys!

Hair – we recommend Moroccan Oil’s revitalising extra volume shampoo and conditioner. Moroccan Oil’s hair oil might be too heavy for summer days but the brands shampoo and conditioner works to make sure that your hair is hydrated, bouncy and feeling light.


Nails – Your nails need a lot of care due to all the polish that you are forever changing. Polish dries your nails and can even cause discolouring. The best thing for your nails is to make sure that you use a cuticle oil to keep them hydrated. We suggest keeping your cuticle oil by your desk at work and be sure that you drip a little on each nail daily for best results. We love Essie’s apricot cuticle oil, as it smells so fresh.


Skin – Many people think that moisturising the skin in hot weather is unnecessary; we are can tell you that this isn’t true. In fact you should be moisturising your skin much more in the sun due to how much the sun dries the skin out. L’Oreal’s Sublime Bronze moisturiser is brilliant for developing your tan due to their tan optimiser technology, whilst still keeping your skin smooth and soft.


Whilst we were shopping for your skin necessities we came across this great facial moisturiser for your other half, LUSH COSMETICS have come up with an all natural solution for dry skin, the lotion smooth’s skin from shaving – why not get him a little pot as a treat?



Now that your hair, nails and skin are taken care of, lets just keep our fingers crossed for a heat wave.

Summer Beauty Hacks We Cannot Live Without