Take Mum Lingerie Shopping this Mother's Day

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Mother’s day is this Sunday, a wonderful day to celebrate the woman who inspired and nurtured you into becoming the person that you are today. There are so many memorable moments between a mother and her daughter from your first day at school, first date, and first heartbreak to your mum becoming a grandmother to your first child. It is these memories that your mother will cherish forever.


One Mother/Daughter memory that stays with us in the Panache office is our first bra fitting. The Panache office think it would be a great idea (now that you and your mum are a bit older) to switch roles and repay mum for making sure that we were supported throughout our teenage years and take your mum for a bra fit and lingerie shopping trip.


Whilst you are taking mum out for Mothers Day stop off at your local Panache stockist before going for a spot of afternoon tea. Our trusted fit specialists are on hand throughout the day to make sure that your mum gets the advice she needs as well as a full fitting to make sure that she is not only wearing the right bra size, but also a lovely new style to make her feel confident. Each bra can be bought with matching briefs if you would like to gift your mum with a set.


To find your nearest Panache stockists throughout the UK, please click on the below link to direct you and your mum for her fitting this Mothers Day:


Mothers day Collection 

Take Mum Lingerie Shopping this Mother's Day