The Best Easter Eggs to Buy for the Chocolatey Holiday!

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Whether you are buying Easter eggs for your little ones or looking for a few chocolate treats for yourself, Easter is a great time to find some beautiful and tasty chocolates. Easter chocolates come in a variety of different shapes and forms and also range from different price points; we have compiled our favourite Easter Eggs that should be top of your list this Easter.



If you are buying for the fashion conscious then Hotel Chocolat’s range of chocolate eggs are your best bet. The well-sized ‘Ostrich Egg’ starts from £27.00 and once cracked opened; many little parcels of delicious chocolate mini pieces are unveiled. Hotel Chocolat products are always beautifully packaged and perfectly presented.




If you are buying for the artsy type, Marks & Spencer have designed an array of wonderfully decorated eggs that look like they have been hand painted and carved…almost to beautiful to eat (almost) This one pictured is £40.00




For the little ones a Kinder Surprise is a every child’s favourite. A giant Kinder surprise is a guaranteed winner at a mere £5.00. The larger the egg the bigger the surprise!




For the bookworm, Rococo’s Roald Dahl’s Easter egg collection will remind everyone of their favourite childhood Roald Dahl novel.


Enjoy your delicious Easter chocolates with your families and friends over the holidays and take our word of warning – make sure you start your Easter egg shopping early to avoid disappointment!

The Best Easter Eggs to Buy for the Chocolatey Holiday!