What to pack for your Honeymoon

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Whether you’ve splashed out on a once-in-a-lifetime paradise island honeymoon or have opted for a quiet retreat in the countryside, there are a couple of essential items you should always pack! To avoid packing becoming a bit of a nightmare, we’ve put together a list of easily forgettable essentials:

–          A couple of cardigans. When you’re jetting off into the sun, it’s easy to forget that although the days are hot, the evenings are generally a lot milder. To avoid getting chilly during your evening meal in the open air, it’s always worth packing a couple of nice cardigans or shawls.

–          Two sets of swimwear. A bikini for the beach or to relax in your hotel spa, and a swimsuit in case you’re feeling brave enough to participate in some impromptu water sports!

–          Insect repellent. Mosquitos are everywhere – especially if you plan to stay near water, so always ensure you pack your repellent and use it at night-time.

–          Accessories. You always want to look your best on your honeymoon and accessories like scarves, pashminas and statement jewellery can jazz up any outfit. So, even if your only remaining clean garment is a plain maxi dress, you can use your accessories to glam up a bit and hey presto; with minimal effort, you are ready for a romantic evening meal out with your hubby.

–          Strapless bra. It is worth having a tried and tested reliable strapless bra so you don’t have to worry about unsightly suntan lines across your back. Additionally, you’ll be able to wear it under any style of dress.

–          Skincare/medicinal products. Items like suntan lotion, aloe vera, aspirin and motion sickness tablets are essential. Although you might not necessarily think about them when you are excited and packing for your dream holiday, they are extremely useful and can be very expensive to purchase abroad.

–          A backpack. Ideal for day excursions which may be organised by your resort or even a romantic picnic somewhere in the wilderness!

– And most important something from our Special Occasions Collection

Now all you have to do is grab your passport, boarding passes and your other half, and jet off on your dream honeymoon worry-free!

What to pack for your Honeymoon