What to wear to your bra fitting

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If you’ve never had your bra size measured or fitted by a professional before, then the whole process can seem quite daunting. One of the main worries people have is what to wear, so here’s our guide that will hopefully set your mind at rest!

For a start, don’t worry that you’ll have to strip down to your underwear if you’re feeling shy. Not all bra fitters will fit just in your underwear – many will simply measure over a close-fitting t-shirt. However, really good bra fitters will ask you to wear the best-fitting bra you own and then measure with the bra in order to get the most accurate size possible. Bra fitters are used to seeing women in just their underwear, so there’s no reason to feel ill-at-ease! Remember, too, that the better a bra fitter can see your bra, the more accurate their measurement will be.

Bra fitters are trained professionals, but each brand has its own way of fitting. Here at Panache we’re known to be pretty ‘hands on’, helping women to see how their bust should be sitting in their bra and how the perfectly fitting bra should feel. We think that’s the best way to be, but some high street retailers are a little more ‘hands off’ and prefer to just give you advice. Whichever you choose, make sure that you get fitted by a brand that specialises in your size, if possible: for example, if you have a bigger bust, make sure you visit a shop that specialises in larger cup sizes. Their fit specialists will understand your bust more and therefore be able to make a more accurate measurement of your bra size.

A bra fitter will also make sure she provides you with a number of bras to try on in different styles, to make sure you are buying the right size in all the different styles you want and for different brands (don’t forget that sizes differ considerably across different makes!). They’ll be able to tell, too, with a simple glance, whether you are wearing a bra that is too small or too large. Don’t feel bad or foolish if they do tell you you’re wearing the wrong size – after all, you’re there to get the perfect fit! Most of us will wear the incorrect bra at one time or another in our lives, and (trust us) bra fitters have seen it all before.

If you’ve never had your bra size professionally measured and fitted, then now’s the time! look for one of our

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And if you’re not sure whether you’re wearing the right size or not, then why not try our Fit Guide?

What to wear to your bra fitting