Big fashion trends for autumn

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There’s transition in the air; it’s close to autumn and fashion lovers everywhere are on the lookout for even a hint of what’s to come. Alongside the low residing sunshine and fresh, dewy mornings is a shift in tailoring, fabric and embellishments – lovely! Enjoy our revealing hot autumn trends, spotted across runways to get your autumnal senses tingling.

Hint of the Androgynous

This will be effortless and chic. Tailored jackets with long-line, straight-cuts will replace the waist synched blazer; team a pair of matching straight-leg trousers and brogues, or throw over the shoulders of a shirt tucked into denims. Taupe and grey are an ideal choice of colour going into early autumn, making the switch from your summer to autumn wardrobe a soft one.

Oversized Winter Coat

Not too far from a power look which has spilled out of the 80s, the oversized coat is key to launching your look into the next season. Huge lapels and dropped shoulders are your way of identifying this item, which once on the high street will be tamed to make them much more attainable and suited to the smaller frame.


It’s working its way from the boot and bag into the clothing, and not just ‘hints and trims of’- we’re talking full leather skirts and dresses.  Leather in black, brown and earth-coloured greens are fantastic for taking the severity out of a full leather piece. This isn’t a look for the faint-hearted, but it will soon become your transitional staple for office and evening looks.

And the Palette?

Soft pale pinks, heather, greys, camel and taupe have all been spotted in previews for this tree shedding season. Ultimately tones and shades need to work for your skin tone, so don’t try to shoehorn in one which will do you no favours, simply because it’s the only colour available in the coat you’ve found. Experimenting with colour can produce some unique and stunning results to you however; a new season is a good time to try this, as your skin will alter through the seasons also.

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Big fashion trends for autumn