Bra Fails!

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If there’s one thing that grinds our gears it’s an ill-fitting bra. Not only will a major bra fail look bad, but it’s far healthier and more comfortable to get the right fit.


One of the biggest offences is long straps, but it’s a common one that’s the easiest to get right. Rather than continuously adjusting and pulling up the straps throughout the day, ensure they’re snug before you start off. If you do this already but find they lose their strength rather rapidly, you may find it’s a bra you’ve had for yonks or one of poor quality.

Closeup of a woman's back while unhooking her bra and looking in the mirror

On the other end of the scale, you’ve got those women who think the tighter the better. Too much is definitely too much, however. Don’t let anything dig in and certainly don’t have your straps so tight that the bra rides up at the back – your bra should be at the same height all around your chest. If you avoid figure squishing, then you’ll also steer clear of the dreaded ‘back boobs’ look.

Another bra crime is choosing the wrong style for a particular outfit. There’s nothing worse than a strapless dress with a strap-full bra on show, nor is it pretty when backless dresses aren’t so backless thanks to a stand-out bra. We’re not fans of clear straps either. You can find plenty of fantastically supportive bras to cater to all of these needs – our Utopia Strapless Bra from the Masquerade collection being a perfect example of this.

To avoid any of these bra fails, the best thing for you to do is go for a fitting. They say around 80% of women wear the wrong sized bra, so it’ll certainly be an eye-opener that’ll make you feel a million times better.

When did you last go for a bra fitting?

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Bra Fails!