Bra Storage Solutions

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When you take your bra off of an evening, what do you do with it? Many of us fling it into a drawer, half-in half-out. Some of us leave it on the floor or hanging over the bed ready for the next day. Or you may have a designated bra drawer or similar but it’s, quite frankly, more packed than the M25. Instead, why not take care of your lingerie with our top solutions?

Bra storage

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Quite simply, dedicate an entire drawer or section of your wardrobe to your bras. Then line them up in an overly neat arrangement, ensuring each cup sits inside the other; that way, your bras will perfectly keep their shape and the bridge, straps and bands will remain in top form too. Alternatively, arm yourself with a selection of drawer dividers and make each section home to one bra. This makes it super easy to choose one for that day or night and, let’s face it, it looks pretty too. You can get dividers to match the drawer they’re in, or choose a style that’s unique to you.

Another great way to store your bras is with a beautifully decorated box, which is definitely our favourite solution. Opt for a vintage-inspired design, floral print, tartan or a pattern in your favourite colour, and place them inside. You could even utilise this option for your absolute favourite bras, so making your pick a special occasion.

Finally, provide a bit of pizazz with scented wardrobe potpourri. Not only do bras provide you with needed support, but they have the ability to make you feel confident and feminine, so why wouldn’t you want them to smell wonderful too? We’re currently favouring daring, musky scents.

Do you have a fantastic way of storing your bras? We’d love you to share your ideas with us.

Bra Storage Solutions