Celebrity style: dressing our swimmers!

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In the next in our series looking at Britain’s famous female athletes and their style, we’re looking at two women who are known for their swimming prowess: Rebecca Adlington and Sharon Davies.

Swimmers tend to have very well-developed arms and shoulders, in order to power them through the water, so women who love to swim normally develop a strawberry shape with long legs, slim waist and hips and strong shoulders and back. Some people might think that this isn’t a very feminine shape, but that’s simply not true: here at Panache we know every woman can look and feel gorgeous, whatever shape she is, and it’s not difficult to add some feminine touches to any outfit.


Both Sharon and Rebecca know how to show off their shape to the maximum: close fitting, above the knee dresses that show off their slim legs and toned lower body. Whether you choose a classic black number like Sharon or an eye-catching turquoise like Rebecca, strawberry shapes look fantastic in body-con and close-cut dresses.

To balance out a strawberry shape, there’s subtle tricks that you can use to draw attention away from broad shoulders and towards a slim neck and perfectly polished face. Both Rebecca and Sharon choose dresses that sit on the outer most points of their shoulders, creating a wide ‘frame’ that draws attention to their collar bone and neck, rather than their shoulders and upper arms. Delicate or eye-catching jewellery helps bring the eye towards the centre, while soft layered hair that breaks up the shoulder line adds a feminine touch.


Any closely-fitting dress needs good foundations to help you look svelte and sexy: make sure you wear matching and discreet underwear, as well as supportive bra in the correct size. If you’re unsure if you’re wearing the correct bra or not, why not give our bra fit challenge a try? Body con dresses show up everything underneath, so underbands that are digging in or cups that are too tight will be easily spotted. For off the shoulder dresses, make sure you buy a supportive strapless bra.

What’s your favourite outfit for strawberry shapes?

Celebrity style: dressing our swimmers!