Changed body shape? Change your bra!

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We all know what it’s like being a female; constant fluctuations in our weight as we go through the delightful ‘time of the month’ can make the difference of up to two bra sizes for the most of us! Dutifully we accept our fluctuating, bust changing bodies and plod on – but what if you’ve taken the decision to change your body either through weight loss, weight gain or surgery? Well, the good part is you can control it slightly more than Mother Nature, which means you can plan ahead for the bra size you will be needing!bra size measurementWeight change

Weight change may not be noticeable at first, and it may be that your bust size genuinely doesn’t alter, but in most cases there will come a point when you need to consider buying new clothes to fit you better. The same approach should be taken with your bra. The bra can only work if it fits closely to the bust, and is the right size. You want your body to look its best, and this is a good way to give it a helping hand.

At Panache, we recommend having regular fittings to make sure your bra size hasn’t changed. If you’re not sure if you need a fitting, take our Bra Fit Challenge which will be able to detect the signs of an ill-fitting bra.

roundel2Enhancement surgery

Surgery is slightly easier to predict since you get to choose your own new bra size! It might be obvious to point out, but your existing bras will probably turn out to be as much use as a chocolate fire-guard, and should be replaced in plenty of time so you get the support you need from day 1.

And let’s face it – it’s just another excuse to buy some gorgeous new lingerie!

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Changed body shape? Change your bra!