Christmas day clothing

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It’s that time to eat, drink and be merry, but what to wear? Although a holiday shared with millions of other women, each of us is likely to be heading into the big day with a slightly different agenda. The mother, daughter, new girlfriend, visitor, and the host: each with a different role to play; each set with the task of choosing an outfit fit for ‘their’ occasion.


As a mother of young children, it’s likely you’ll be spending the majority of your Christmas day really ‘getting into the spirit of things’. This means time spent assembling toys and playing games. This could go one of two ways; team a beautiful black lace top with a robust pair of jeans, or resign yourself to your dressing gown – because it’s just not worth losing any sequins over.

Meeting the parents for the first time? As a new girlfriend, this is your time to shine, but the pressure’s on. A new environment can make you feel flustered. Avoid red cheeks by wearing layers. A pretty silk camisole under a cashmere or chunky knit cardigan that you can remove will help the task of winning over the in-laws that little bit less stressful. ‘T is the season to be jolly after all.

Visitors and daughters, you possibly have the easiest outfit selection to make here. Daughters, you will be pampered and left to soak up the atmosphere. Enjoy it in the comfort of your new pyjamas if you so desire. Visitors, although we advocate comfortable jumpers and the like, we strongly advise at least getting changed out of your onesie before setting off to Grandma’s house.

For many of your guests, this might be there one day to really let loose and enjoy themselves. Your hostess skills will be put to the test from the moment you answer the front door. Approach this with a well thought out cocktail dress, peep toes and a smile. This will put your guests at ease but show them that although you might be busy slaving away in the kitchen, you have every intention of joining in the party. Just don’t forget your apron!

Boxing Day is licence to relax for ladies everywhere. Enjoy your gifts of underwear and scarves before even thinking about the spring wardrobe!

Christmas day clothing