Dress shapes

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Spring is most definitely on its way. This time of year is a perfect time to start taking a few risks with your outfits; a great way to do this is take the classic dress, but wear one of the new shapes.

When choosing the best dress, there are some things to consider;

Body type


Your own style

There is no point in buying a tulip skirt dress, if the only reason you are buying it is because you read it in a magazine, you have to want to wear it, consider the above 3 points and get out there and try things on! Here’s a quick guide to the body types that suit certain shapes;

It works best on more slender builds, but does offer extra material over hips and thighs, perfect for you pear shaped girls. This shape looks fantastic in bright shades in materials such as crepe or silk and teamed with mid height heels are perfect for work or play.

Some women think they can’t wear this length, we are here to tell you, you not certainly can! Again it’s all about how you wear it.

For hourglass shapes, tuck in a long sleeve top in constructing colours to show off your defined waist.

If you are have a more athletic shape then add a chunky elasticated belt into the mix, with a chunky buckle, this will pull focus to your waist, creating the illusion of curves.

The myth is that these 60 inspired styles are only suitable for the leggy models you see on the runway, but no! Every shape can rock a mini to work as much as you can the boardroom, it’s all about accessories.

For a chic work look, team the mini with the same shade of polo neck jumper & tights this creates a smooth look where the focus isn’t on the skirt but the outfit as a whole. Add a pair of mid height heels and splashes of colour with your jewellery and you will be strutting through work head held high. And easy way to move this look to the disco lit dance floor is to replace the jumper with a sheer blouse tucked in and statement pair of heels. Perfect to sign constructs and strut your stuff in.

There are all sorts of shapes and designed of skirts and dresses, and the best way to know what suits you is to try it on.

A great tip when searching for the perfect skirt is to take along with you a few different shoes to try on with the skirts & dresses. Take a flat day to day pair and an evening pair of heels. This will drastically alter the way the garment looks and will help you envisage how the piece will fit not only in your wardrobe but in your life.

Dress shapes