How to dress in the colours of the season

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It’s no secret most of us are feeling a little downhearted with the sudden changes in the weather, and the fact we’re noticing the Christmas products already entering the shops – it’s really not difficult to see why blue would be our colour of choice this season. But just because this is how some of us are feeling it doesn’t mean we should make our clothing colour choices based on that. You’ll all be glad to know that the colour trends of Autumn/Winter this year are not the typical, dull colours we’re used to. In fact, it’s quite the opposite – some of the colour palettes we’re seeing don’t appear to have any correlation to winter at all!

From base colours of ivory, to the more vivid orange-red tones, this year’s Autumn/Winter is set to be a colourful one. But what’s the best way to get these trendy colours just right, and to not over colourising yourself? We’re looking at how to dress in this season’s colours for a more effective outfit pairing.

Dusky pink

We’ve noticed the super feminine dusky pink colours a lot recently. A growing number of high-street retailers are jumping on the trend and producing some exquisite key pieces for winter. If you haven’t got your winter coat sorted yet we urge you to consider the overtly feminine pink tones as an alternative to the usual black. We’re confident that the oversized-tailored pink coat will be this season’s next big thing. Its perfect teamed with this seasons base colours of grey, ivory and nude tones. So why not make more of a statement with your winter coat, and move away from the usual black long coat we’re all guilty of wearing?


Making a bold colour statement is the new less is more approach. And what better colour to do this than with a daring shade of red-orange. This colour isn’t actually as difficult to co-ordinate as you may think. Team your orange-red garment with flushes of leopard print, black leather and gold for that extra layer of glamour. Because this colour is surprisingly adaptable, it’s extremely interchangeable. So you can go straight from your desk to disco in a matter of minutes.CobaltCobalt Blue

One of our favourite flash trends this season is cobalt blue. The colour stands alone perfectly but the use of monochromes can marry really well with it as well. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you can also think about colour clashing this season; consider wearing cobalt blue with greens, pinks, silvers and of course other shades of blue.

Which colour trend will you be adopting this season?   

How to dress in the colours of the season