Layered clothing for unpredictable weather

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It’s that time of year again when the weather can’t quite make up its mind. We find ourselves battling through the wind in tea dresses or melting in the sun under a woolly jumper because as the season transition into autumn; the weather is everything but predictable.

The sun might be making less of an appearance, but we won’t let that dampen our spirits. Forget the frumpy jumpers, embrace your fashion in autumn and master the art of layered clothing come rain or shine.

Layering clothing for unpredictable weather doesn’t mean dressing in frumpy jumpers and feeling like you’ve been wrapped in wool. Here at Panache, we’ve been mastering the art of layering for fashion, as well as keeping our style weather-proof.

Layered clothingLayering for fashion generally requires several layers of contrasting garments and fabric types, but select carefully as the wrong ensemble could leave you looking like you fell into your wardrobe! Layering with different cuts and colours is great, but it’s important not to overdo it so consider your items carefully and ensure the colours complement each other. Layering one colour in several materials could create a frumpy or messy look, so stick to differing colours if you can. A great example would be contrasting a white blouse with a bold cardigan or jacket over the top to display both fabrics and colours.

Some clothing lends itself particularly well to the art of layering. For example scarves, leggings and sweaters to knee high socks and boots. A firm favourite amongst fashion conscious females is a casual dress with leggings and here at Panache it’s one of our favourite comfy but stylish looks for the autumn months. Another advantage of layering clothing, aside from the warmth benefits and unpredictable weather, is the ability to enhance your silhouette and body shape.  Experiment with different styles, colours and textures to see what works for you.

This autumn we’ll be pairing floaty casual dresses with leggings, knee high boots and a light fabric scarf to complete the look. It’ll make the perfect cosy but light outfit for the unpredictable weather.

How will you be styling the layered look this Autumn/Winter?

Layered clothing for unpredictable weather