Naughty Girl’s Guide to the Bra!

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It’s all too easy to ignore the slight grey tinge to what was once your gleaming white bra and brief set. Well, it’s to be expected isn’t it? After all you did buy it, what? Four years ago?

Stop right there, missy! Chances are if you’ve managed to turn its colour, then your underwear’s support is also likely to be a former shadow of its self.

Think of your bra as a puppy. You might not notice it’s grown old at first, but stand it beside a brand new one and you’ll come to realise it’s a fully-fledged dog! Our point is, you might not notice the changes in your bra now compared to when you first bought it since you spend all of your time around it (in it?) – which can mean you haven’t noticed that it’s no longer doing its job. That and it’s not looking particularly great either.

Read our naughty girl’s guide to the bra and see which sin you’re guilty of committing – be honest, and then ask yourself, do I simply need to buy a new one?!

Hands of woman dressing pink brassiere

Deadly sin #1 The machine washing

Placing your bra and knickers in with your other washing – of any kind, in spite having just read the care label which clearly advised you to hand wash it. Well, it’s just easier isn’t it?

Deadly Sin #2 The tumble drying

Taking your underwear out of the washing machine you shouldn’t have used – detangling it first from the multi-coloured ball of cloth which is now your washing – and placing it in the tumble dryer. It’s hot, it’s not on the care label, but by Jove it’s quick!

Deadly sin 3# Removing unsightly elastic

It can’t be necessary; or else it wouldn’t be coming out. Pulling on that loose elastic hanging from the band of your bra – who knows where it came from? It’s a mystery every time – leaving you free to wear your bra for at least another month before another strand appears. At which point you will be equally as surprised.

Deadly sin #4 Tightening the strap

Call it a morning ritual if you will; you wake up, you reach for your bra, you tighten the straps (again), you leave for work. No attempt to get dressed is complete without battening down the hatches on your straps and, hang on a second, it appears the fastening now too. Fabulous, now even more secure!


Hands of woman undressing brassiere. Close-up photo

Good girls…

Invest in an airer. It might not be pretty, and it may not get put away – ever, but unlike the tumble dryer, it will save your lingerie from an early binning.

Read the signs. Not after three, not after two, but after one – one string of elastic you should be questioning the support of your bra. Without this, we’re afraid there’s nothing more to be done to save it.

Go shopping. Contrary to popular belief, this should be seen as a positive thing. Don’t flaunt this under your partner’s nose and claim it’s a licence to take his wallet out on to the high-street, but do argue that your bra has seen better days, and in order to give your breasts the best shot at looking great, then you need to buy a new one!

Naughty Girl’s Guide to the Bra!