New year, new size?

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With the festive break well and truly over for another year and New Year’s resolutions on our mind, January is, for many of us, the time to start afresh. We often begin taking steps to a healthier lifestyle, or even undertake a complete wardrobe overhaul. Whatever it is, we all make changes as we head into the New Year to help us make it our best year yet.

Just as many of us vow to get in shape this year, at Panache, we’re encouraging women to ensure they have a bra refit to make sure they’re still wearing the correct size. As you know, your breasts change over time, but many women keep wearing the same size without ever having a refit.

With figures showing that around 65% of women in the UK are currently wearing the wrong bra size, here at Panache we want to encourage women to make an additional New Year’s resolution – to check their bra size.

Some women experience their bras digging in at the sides, too tight (or too loose) or cup sizes too big, these are all common problems with ill-fitting bras. Wearing the wrong size bra can cause more serious and long term issues such as back ache and shoulder pains, but these can be easily avoided by wearing a comfortable, well-fitting bra. A good bra should always offer a flawless fit, with great comfort and support.

We want women across the UK to the start New Year the right way, by making sure they’re wearing the correct bra for their shape and size, so they can focus on making the most of 2013 – without worrying about those niggling aches and pains experienced with an uncomfortable bra.

As experts in bra fitting, at Panache we’ve made it easy to check you’re wearing the correct sized bra by answering a series of simple questions online, with our Bra Fit Challenge.  So, whether it’s the one resolution you make, or one of many, join us at Panache and make sure you’ve got the perfect fit this year.


New year, new size?