Plus size – How fashion has changed.

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A few years ago if you weren’t a plus size individual you may not have heard of the phrase plus size, but as fashion has become more accepting of the average body plus size has become part of most people’s fashion and shopping vocab – even if you aren’t a plus size individual.

The term is used to describe a larger size of clothing or lingerie and is generally stocked from a size 12 – 14 upwards. This doesn’t only apply to curvier women however as many tall women are larger and need clothes with more material. Now this is not an issue as plus size has become a mainstream term however previously, unlike a petite section for smaller women, there was nothing to cater to bigger women.

Although during fashion events, like London Fashion Week, plus size clothes and shows are still separated out the need for larger clothes and lingerie has been accepted and is now becoming more readily available in high street stores in much younger and more vibrant designs.

All women know the importance of a well-fitting and supportive bra and none more so than those in the plus size category; but that doesn’t mean that because these bras are functional that they shouldn’t be attractive.  Panache have made it their mission to offer attractive lingerie in D+ sizes from our younger cleo range, our occasion range masquerade to our signature range superbra, and have taken this a step further with the launch of sculptresse.

It’s important to us that any woman of any size feels comfortable, sexy and confident from her underwear to her clothes and so we full support the way fashion has changed and hope that it continues to do so.

Plus size – How fashion has changed.