Pick the Right Bra for your Bust & Figure Type

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We all know how hard it can be to find a bra that suits our shape and size. Whether you have small or full breasts, each size and shape has its difficulties in finding that perfect fit. So, we here at Panache have come to the rescue and put together a short guide on what you should be looking for in a bra depending on your bust and figure type.


Small Bust. Fitting a lady with a small bust is actually one of the hardest bra fit challenges to many bra fitters. Having a small bust usually means that you have a less defined cleavage and there can be quite a lot of space between the bust, making it hard to get a bra to fit just right. Arguably the most common issue is gaping at the top edge of the bra, especially if most of the breast tissue is at the bottom of the cup. Due to this, we recommend a moulded cup or slightly padded bras to give a more defined shape. The Maddie Spot balconnet bra from the Cleo by Panache range is great for this and starts from a B cup.


Average Bust. In today’s times, an average cup size in the UK is now D-E. An ‘average’ bust is hard to define, but usually has a rounded and pert shape. A common issue for an average busted lady would be a less defined cleavage. Luckily, average busts suit most types of bras, including balconette, plunge and moulded cups. Panache have an extensive range of D+ bras, and we would recommend a balconette bra such as the best selling Jasmine, and a T-shirt bra such as the Porcelain Viva as our everyday staples.


Full Bust. A full bust is one that sits quite high up on the chest and is full at the bottom. Common issues here include ‘double busting’, the centre front of the bra not sitting back against the sternum and the wire digging in at the underarm. Bras suited best to this type of bust are ones that have a cradle and underwire for extra support. Full cup and balconette bras work especially well with this bust type. We would recommend the Andorra full cup bra and the Tango balconette to give this bust type the support and shape it needs.

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Fuller Figure. Common features of a fuller bust are that the lady will have a larger frame, shorter waist and narrow shoulders. Narrow shoulders presents the problem of straps slipping off the shoulders and the under band can be uncomfortable for shorter waists. Again, ‘double busting’ and the centre front of the bra not sitting back against the sternum are common issues. The Sculptresse range was designed with exactly this bust type in mind and includes specialist features such as a curved under band for comfort and increased support for this body type and centrally positioned straps to help avoid slippage off narrow/ slopping shoulders. The Pure moulded T-shirt bra is perfect for a fuller figure.


Bust Size Variation. Many women have one breast larger than the other, sometimes this isn’t noticeable but it can be occasionally a cup size difference. Common problems include gaping on the smaller size and ‘double busting’ on the larger side. In this case, we always fit to the largest side and alter the straps on the smaller side to achieve the best fit. We would recommend a full cup or a balconnet bra for this type of bust. The Envy balconette bra is a good choice as the stretch lace is quite forgiving and works well with bust size variation.


Whatever your bust type and size, it is important be professionally fitted for every bra you buy as different brands and styles will fit differently. To get professionally fitted, please visit your nearest Panache stockist.

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Pick the Right Bra for your Bust & Figure Type