The importance of a good nursing bra

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In the next of our series on ‘the importance of a good…’ we’re looking at the importance of wearing a great nursing bra.

Pregnancy is a fantastic time for any woman – but it can also be difficult too. Alongside dealing with morning sickness, strange cravings, and a changing body, your wardrobe has to change dramatically too. Looking for flattering maternity trousers is difficult enough, so trying to find the right bra to support you during your pregnancy – and afterwards – can be difficult.

Our advice is ensure that you get a properly fitting maternity bra, followed by a properly fitted nursing bra if you choose to breast-feed. With maternity bras, you may be able to get re-measured to ensure you’re wearing the correct bra size, and simply go up a cup or band size. If you’re unsure whether you’re wearing the right size bra or what size bra you are, why not check through our Bra Fit Challenge for some helpful advice?

However, for a nursing bra, it’s important that you get a suitable comfortable and supportive bra. If you choose to breast-feed, you’ll need a nursing bra where the cups can open and close easily, with plenty of room for your little one to sit comfortably (and for you to feel comfortable too!). It’s essential that the bra is supportive but not constrictive as this can cause medical problems like mastitis or blocked ducts.

If you choose to breast-feed, you might find that using breast pads inside your bra helps to reduce any leakages: a night-time nursing bra can also be helpful for this.

One of the most important things to remember about buying a good nursing bra is not to jump the gun and get a new bra too early on in your pregnancy. You might have noticed already that your breasts have got bigger – it’s likely that they’ll grow even more after the birth so it’s important to wait until near the end of the pregnancy until you get measured for a nursing bra.

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The importance of a good nursing bra