What type of bra should I wear to bed?

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How you choose to dress for bed time is completely up to you – whether you like snuggly pyjamas, a short set, bra or no bra! However, if you prefer to wear a bra to bed and you’re looking for some advice on the best bras to wear for bed time, we’ve got you covered.

Andorra Non Wired

We’d recommend going wireless for bed time, although our wired bras are super comfortable for every day, when it comes to tossing and turning in bed, wires aren’t the best idea! That’s why our Andorra Non Wired style is a top pick for a sleep bra. Its full cup style offers coverage and a supportive fit, so you can feel secure. Andorra Non Wired also has super soft cups so you can feel comfortable as you visit dream land.

Lyzy Non Wired

If you want something a little less covering, try the Lyzy bralette. Another non wired style, this bralette has soft cups and a comfortable elastic under band. Lyzy offers a soft support with its triangle cups, so you can have a little added security and support at bed time without feeling too covered.

Are you after a sleep bra? Or just intrigued to discover what it feels like to wear a bra that is both supportive and wireless? Check out our non wired bras here!

What type of bra should I wear to bed?