Why are sports bras better for exercise?

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Whether it’s because they’re an extra expense on top of a gym membership, occasionally uncomfortable or just not the sexiest thing in the world, many women opt not to wear a sports bra when they are exercising. An experience with an ill-fitting or badly made sports bra can put you off for life – but a sports bra is an absolute essential for any kind of exercise.

From the gentle motion of yoga to high impact sports like running, a sports bra is a must-have piece of kit – your breasts are mainly supported by skin and fragile ligaments which can stretch during exercise if they are not protected by a sports bra, which will cause sagging. Movement of the breasts during exercise can also be painful and cause discomfort. To prevent damage being done to the ligaments and tissues, and to prevent any potential pain during exercise, the appropriate bra must be worn.

A good sports bra like the Panache Sports Bra will feature a range of design components which optimise comfort and protection. The main function of a sports bra is to reduce movement in all directions – but different sports can cause your breasts to move in different ways, so you’ll need a bra which tackles all of them. Rather than compressing your breasts, a sports bra like Panache’s individually encapsulates them to provide greater support and comfort. Wide straps disperse the pressure, whilst the firm underband works to decrease the ‘bounce’ experienced by up to 83%. Smooth, lightweight fabrics reduce friction and wick away any moisture away from the skin, whilst breathable mesh panels keep you cool.

A correctly fitting sports bra can make exercising a joy rather than a chore, meaning there’s no reason who women with larger breasts can’t be as active in sports and athletics as anyone else.

Why are sports bras better for exercise?