5 Reasons you need a Panache Sports bra

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There are so many features and benefits of wearing a Panache Sports bra! We understand that the idea of finding the right sports bra can be a little daunting – a minefield of crop tops labelled as ‘sports bras’ can be super confusing and even a little misleading at times. Here at Panache Sport, we have worked really hard to try and make as many sizes possible included within our size curve of sports bras – so far we have up to 70! With even more research, testing and hard work from our designers, hopefully we won’t be stopping there either. Our sports bras are engineered to withstand high impact in every size we offer, whilst providing you with amazing shape and comfort.

Check out our top 5 reasons as to why you need a Panache Sports bra!

It’s time for women to embrace their true size, invest in a sports bra that was crafted to support them and discover what true comfort feels like. Check out our Instagram page @panachesport, follow our story and the women that wear us!

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5 Reasons you need a Panache Sports bra