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For this weeks edition of our ‘Day in the Life of…’ series we have Juliet Price, Associate Director at Instinct Pr – our PR agency. We quizzed her on a typical day in her role to give you an insight in to what it is like to work in a busy PR agency! Read on to find out…

What time did you wake up?

8am – I had an extra hour in bed this morning as we had our Panache press day yesterday and got home after 11pm!

Did you make your bed?

Yes, I always make my bed in the morning, and it has to look perfect – i’m a little OCD about it.

What are you wearing to work today?

High waisted dark blue jeans, my gold Indian pumps, and a cropped black t-shirt with a chunky gold necklace – it’s Friday so I can be a little more informal

How did you get started in your career?

I was very lucky that a friend of mine worked at a very good marketing company that needed an intern in the PR department. After two weeks there they offered me a job as an Account Executive

How/Why did you get into lingerie?

Panache Lingerie is a client at the agency I work at, instinct pr, which is brilliant as I have been a Panache customer since I was about 16 and started shopping at Bravissimo!

What is in your diary/to do list on an average day?

Meeting with different members of my team to ensure they’re on top of everything, planning and writing future client campaigns and strategies, attending client meetings, drafting press materials, speaking to media, checking team work, dealing with internal matters such as HR, our new website, recruitment… no day is ever the same!

What did you accomplish today?

Today is a good day as we had a brilliant press day yesterday and the team is on a real high so we all feel like we’ve accomplished something. And we’ve had some amazing feedback from press that attended. I’ve also just hired a freelancer which is always harder than it sounds!

What did you want to accomplish today?

I wanted to finalise the Freelancer’s start date, and that’s done!

What was the best part of your day?

Friday afternoons are always fun in the office as it’s when we look back at everything we’ve done and realise we’ve achieved a huge amount! We also have a cheeky glass of wine at 5pm so that’s always good part of the day!

What do you like about what you do?

My amazing team, they’re such fun to work with, they make it worth getting up in the morning. Working with people that care about what they do is so important.

What is most challenging about what you do?

The nature of PR is that editorial coverage is never guaranteed so you could have an amazing piece of coverage confirmed and then it doesn’t come out! You then have to manage the client and the team’s disappointment. And if it’s a news story you have to think of plan b as you can’t go to news desks with the same story twice. That’s challenging!

What is most rewarding?

Getting the coverage! Especially when it’s a junior member of the team, they’re so happy.

What is your favourite Panache bra? Yes you can only pick one.

At the moment, Idina by Panache in pink. But I also love Lucy by Cleo… that’s two!

What are your favourite clothing brands?

I’m addicted to Zara, but anything from Acne or APC is my favourite.

What is your favourite ice cream?

A nutty chocolate with banana – the two best flavours

What is your favourite flower?

Pink peonies

We will be including more insights into the roles behind Panache very soon so keep an eye on our blog!

A day in the life | Juliet Brooke, PR agency