Best briefs for your body shape

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The female body shape has altered over the years and with it the choice of clothing. Whilst a skirt which cuts across the calf may suit taller females with slender legs, the more petite pear shape might struggle to pull it off. Dressing for your shape is simple and can unleash your best assets whilst disguising your ‘not so desirable’ bits! Your briefs can be a friend or foe to this cunning plan however, and whilst you think you’ve got your shape covered, the wrong cut of brief can hinder your efforts in an instant.

Pear shaped females will have wider hips and thighs, narrow shoulders, a smaller bust and a wider bottom. If you’re going all out on a matching set, look for ones with lots of detail to the bra and less so on the briefs – this will draw more attention to your bust, making it appear larger which will help to balance them out with your bum.  French knickers work well for pear shapes; worn from the hip, they help to conceal some of the bottom.

The apple shaped female has a larger bust, broader shoulders, narrower hips and a less defined waist. With narrow hips, this female is able to go all out on the curvaceous enhancing brief. Try a pair of high waisted briefs which will also discreetly smooth your tummy.

Females with an athletic physique are sure to get away with figure hugging dresses and skirts – for which nothing other than a thong is needed. With a slender body, accentuating your waist with a pair of hipster briefs can give you a change of appearance for when your clothing allows for a little texture or lace. Or pop on a wide waistband thong for the same discrepancy, but a little more coverage.

Your underwear should fit well in any case; try to consider a size either side of what you think you normally are to ensure you have the best fit for the style you have chosen. A thong will feel different to a pair of French knickers and may even take a bit of getting used to if it’s a new style for you, but a slightly larger or smaller size can make a world of difference. Anything too tight and you risk unsightly bulges. Anything too large and you end up with too much material which moves about and again, can cause them to be seen unnecessarily.

Best briefs for your body shape