Bra testing - going to extremes?

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We’re always on the look-out for ways to make our bras super comfortable without losing any support, so we make sure we test them rigorously. As well as having a host of real life testers, we also put our bras under plenty of mechanical strain and test each component individually to ensure they have the perfect fit. Especially for bra sizes at the larger end of the scale, where actual construction of the bra changes, it’s important to ensure a great fit so we test everything several times.

However, we hadn’t thought of throwing one of our testers out of a plane to test the comfort of our bras! Laura Muller was approached by JML, a brand more commonly known for good value home and beauty products, to test their newest bra. This new creation doesn’t have hooks or underwires, so Miss Muller was asked to test the support and comfort of the garment by jumping out of a plane. The skydiving coach gladly took up the challenge and found the bra to be very comfortable, saying that ‘if a bra can stay comfortable at 150 mph, then it can certainly withstand a night out partying’!

For everyday testing, you don’t need to hurtle out of a plane to work out whether your bra is fitting properly or not. Taking our Bra Fit Challenge is a great idea if you think your bra might be the wrong size; it runs through all the typical problems like tight underbands and baggy cups, and gives you advice on whether your bra is too small or too big. Of course, we always recommend that you visit a professional fitter in order to make sure you’re wearing the correct size, but it’s a great starting point for measuring your own bra size.

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Bra testing - going to extremes?