Christmas With The Panache Family; Guest Post- Monika

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This year for the festive period, we wanted to have a big ‘Panache Family’ Christmas. Every week we’re going to put up a couple of guest posts from staff at Panache, giving you an insight to how each of us spends Christmas in a unique way.

Monika Whitehead is first up; our sales support: Export.

One of my favourite Polish traditions is Santa Day – 6th Dec.

When you are little your parents/grandparents etc make you believe in Santa who comes down the chimney at night while you are asleep and puts presents under your pillow (without waking you up) or on your bed so that when you wake up in the morning (6th) you have got some nice presents to open (as long as you’ve been good all year). Santa does not bring presents to naughty kids obviously, the older you get, the more you realise that there is actually no Santa and it it your family members who sneak in your bedroom with the presents.

My hubby who is English loves this Polish tradition and we celebrate it every year. We put the Christmas tree up and decorate the house early December, so that it is ready for Santa Day. This also helps get us into Christmas mood. He always serves me breakfast in bed, we then have a pretty lazy/relaxing day, play silly board games (for example frustration etc), I always cook some nice for tea. The whole day is basically about spending time together, having cuddles and snuggles.

We also buy each other some presents or organise something that we can both do together, for examples this year as a present for each other for Santa Day we have booked tickets to see Jon Richardson at City Hall on 7th December.

Oh, and I nearly forgot about a very important thing – making a card for Santa Day. This is not really a Polish tradition but something that Neil and I made up simply because you cannot buy a card here with a Santa on that does not say Merry Christmas. So every year we make our own cards for each other, you can be as creative and use whatever you want to make your idea a reality. That’s Santa Day with the Whitehead family!

Christmas With The Panache Family; Guest Post- Monika