Does changing the bra style change your size?

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Finding the perfect fitting bra can sometimes be a bit tricky.

Most high-street stores only offer a limited range of sizes, which leads to a large number of women ending up wearing the wrong size. Most women tend to stick to the same type of bra style once they have found their perfect fit. Whether it is a full cup bra, a plunge bra or any other bra, most women usually have their favourite; a bra for everyday use that is comfortable, supporting and flattering at the same time.

However, there are times in a woman’s life when she has to step out of the comfort zone and when fashion requires her to wear a different style of bra. It could be that she is attending a special occasion where her everyday bra is not suitable for her outfit. It doesn’t matter how nice the dress is – visible straps are never attractive!

A balconette bra, a halter-neck bra, or a strapless bra might be required for special occasion wear – all of which might support and lift your breasts in a different way to what you are used to. But does changing your bra style change the size?

If you stick to the same brand that you normally buy from, then you should wear the same size regardless of what bra style it is. Brands may differ from each other in back and cup sizes, but if you purchase a bra from a brand you are already familiar with you should simply buy the same size whether it’s a halter-neck or a t-shirt bra. If, however, you choose to invest in a bra from another brand it could be a good idea to look at their bra measurements and measure yourself according to them before you place your order.

At Panache, our Bra Fit Challenge can help you to find the perfect bra by providing you with a few easy steps to find your correct fit. Panache is all about helping women to find their perfect fit, and with a couple of simple measurements you can find yours!

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Does changing the bra style change your size?