How To Style Your Baby Bump

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Beautiful pregnant woman relaxing outside in the park

In our eyes, there isn’t really a right or wrong way to dress your beautiful baby bump. For us it’s all about being loud and proud about your future little one, so dress to impress and match your outfit with your glowing exterior.

You can definitely take note from some of our favourite pregnant celebrities and their outfits from the last couple of years. Actresses like Reese Witherspoon and Drew Barrymore are prime examples – they don’t really do anything differently, aside from ensuring their choices are beautifully draping, flowing and flattering. On the red carpet, both ladies smartly opted for dresses that flow from just underneath the bust; a Grecian-like look, if you will. This is the perfect option if you’ve got to be somewhere glamorous during those exciting nine months.


Another style trick is to be all about legs, legs, legs. When your upper-half is a tad larger than usual, you’ll need to make sure your figure isn’t swamped with fabric. Pregnant during the summer months? Simply pair your lightweight dresses with sun-kissed pins and sandals. If your bump is with you during the colder seasons, opt for skinny jeans and an oversized top or hosiery if you’re a fan of skirts and dresses – look to the epitome of stylish mothers in Victoria Beckham.

The perfect finishing touch comes in the form of a blazer. In choosing loose tops and dresses, the structured style of this jacket will provide a slimming look thanks to narrow sleeves and a slightly nipped-in waist. Drew Barrymore, Uma Thurman and Miranda Kerr were all fans of this look, and they’re definitely worth imitating.


Do you have any style tips for budding mothers? How are you styling your baby bump?

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How To Style Your Baby Bump