How to Wear Patterned Bras

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Here at Panache we love a patterned bra; they’re fun, flirty and a great way to lift your mood. Perfect for the girl who loves bright colours, funky fashions and who’s always up for a bit of an adventure. Our Cleo range is jam-packed with bold and beautiful prints – from the polka-dot Meg bra to the multi-coloured florals of the Bella bra, and everything in between. However, although a patterned bra can bring a smile to your face, it can also cause a fashion headache! Working out what to wear on top can be a bit of a minefield, but we want to put your mind at ease – it’s almost impossible to get wrong.

If you want to keep your patterned bra to yourself, and would rather cover up on top, opt for darker colours and heavier materials which don’t allow the pattern to show through. That doesn’t have to mean all black – any colour can work as long as it’s darker than the darkest colour on the bra. Alternatively, for a more summery look, why not go for a denim shirt? The thicker material will hide your patterned bra, even in bleached shades.

For an effortless look, a little peek of your patterned bra from underneath an over-sized shirt or tank is a good way to show off your pretty undies without flashing them to the world. Rihanna is a big fan of this look, and it works well with a casual outfit.

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Alternatively, go big and bold and wear your patterned bra underneath a sheer shirt. A bright pink bra will certainly make a statement – and since you can’t hide your bra under sheer shirts anyway, why not make a feature out of it? A floral bra under a sheer shirt, paired with a pencil skirt is a fantastically feminine look. To inject some California cool into your wardrobe, wear a tank with cut-out sides with your patterned bra; just team with some over-sized sunnies and a pair of denim shorts for a look that screams ‘Surf’s Up!’.

There are really no rules when it comes to wearing patterned bras – you are free to make the rules yourself! How do you wear yours?

How to Wear Patterned Bras