Is it all about mismatch?

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When I was younger my nana would always say to me: “Be sure to wear fresh underwear –you never know when you might get hit by a bus!” Putting aside the accident part, what would you class as fresh underwear; does it just mean clean or does it also mean matching?

There are very few women out there that wear matching underwear sets every day. In fact according to a survey in 2011 less than 10% of women match their bra to their briefs on a daily basis. It can be for a variety of reasons that can go on and on, but, for me, what underwear I base my outfit on is determined by what I have in my underwear draw and whether it will create a well-polished look. That isn’t to say that if your underwear is mismatched that you’re doing something wrong – au contraire!

Whatever underwear you put on in the morning should make you feel confident, supported and sexy. And the best way to get all three of those things is from the perfect fit. The fit of your underwear and the shape it makes on your silhouette is what makes your underwear look sexy and you in turn feel it. Whether it is mismatched or sets, so here are our top tips for pulling off mismatched underwear.

Clean and Tidy

Mismatched doesn’t mean holey, stained or losing its shape. Make sure your underwear is something you wouldn’t mind others seeing; if the thought of it makes you cringe it’s probably time to get rid.


How you fill your underwear will determine how sexy it is. If you’ve pushed yourself into a bra and pants that are too small, not only will you be uncomfortable, but you won’t look your best. Likewise with underwear that is too big; well-fitting underwear makes any size and shape look sexy.

Sexy shapes

Different shapes suit different frames; it’s only natural that we should all have something perfect for us. Try out a plunge bra vs. a balconette or a high leg brief vs. a thong. Playing around with new shapes will not only mean you have something to suit different outfit requirements, but it also allows you to try something new.


If you’re still worried about mismatching your underwear and feel more of a bag lady than wonder woman, then try sticking to similar shades and textures. If you need a nude t-shirt bra to avoid lines under your shirt, team it up with a pair of light pink or white briefs. If you want to indulge in this season’s bright colours keep either your bra or briefs neutral to compliment the brighter colour and pull off mismatching with style.

If you’re worried about what your other half will think –  fear not. According to the Daily Mail’s underwear panel (made up of three men) mismatch is sexy. Coming in as second favourite to sporty underwear it was revealed that men ‘respond more to shape than shade’, so what are you waiting for?

Is it all about mismatch?