Keeping lingerie perfect need not be a chore

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At Panache, we know the value of a great bra, whatever the occasion. We know that every woman loves to indulge in an incredible piece of lingerie to pull together an outfit. However once you have these delightful delicates home, unwrapped and placed in your lined drawer, are you treating them with the consideration and care they so rightly deserve? As always we at Panache are here to make sure that the beautiful lace and cotton you rest against your skin is in the best possible condition.

The best kept secret about caring for bras, especially the beautifully intricate ones, is not washing them every single time you wear them. Obviously if you are planning on running a marathon in your lace lingerie then by all means wash away, if not though, if they are simply worn under your perfectly tailored shirt of shift dress then they key is to wash every other wear. This gives the various materials that are brought together to create your bra with the under wiring.

When it comes to washing your bras treat them as you would your skin. Therefore no scalding water, no harsh detergents and please be gentle when scrubbing. The best way to ensure all of these things are avoided is to hand wash them, yes I know it’s time consuming but remember these items create the perfect silhouette under your LBD so why not treat them with the respect they deserve. You wouldn’t have a bath in bleach or shower with a scourer, so be kind to your underwear and wash them gently in cool water, with a simple washing powder that foams without vigorous rubbing, then rinse clean, then rinse once more in cold water, finally hang them over a dryer in a warm room and rejoice in your newly clean beautifully kept underwear.

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Keeping lingerie perfect need not be a chore