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Over the past couple of months here at Panache, we have been working on a new project entitled ‘Learn the Fit’. We’re working collaboratively with Karen Forbes from the Little Big Bra Shop, to offer training sessions for buyers and retailers to learn some key pointers on bra-fitting.

We’ve had some great feedback from retailers so far, so a couple of weeks ago we hosted our own blogger fit school event at Panache HQ. We ran the event under a fun-loving Club Tropicana theme, with our Cleo Swim props, drinks with umbrellas and some funky sunglasses so everyone could have their very own Panache-style shoot.

(Source: Sophia at Tattooed Tealady)

We invited a group of 13 lovely bloggers who came from all over the UK, and one blogger even coming over from Poland! They got to see how these sessions worked, along with getting a guided tour of the offices and a sneak peak of new collections with our designers.

First of all we introduced the history of Panache and talked through some of our core ranges, including the brand new Sculptresse collection which was really well received. Karen then talked everyone through bras, bust shapes and sizes, fitting etiquette and how to look out for a well (or badly) fitting bra. Following this, we had a practical fit session where the bloggers were split into groups to put their new knowledge and skills to the test. They were asked to try and correctly fit some models according to what they’d learnt from the day, and it was great to see that we’d got some brand new expert fitters in our midst!

Once we’d completed the fit school section of the day we really wanted to share a bit more of Panache HQ with the bloggers, so we did a tour of the building, stopping off in the sewing room and through to the colourful designers’ zone. The designers explained each of the ranges and went through the current collections, talking through trends and inspirations. Everyone seemed to really enjoy hearing about how designs are thought up, and the process they go through in terms of manufacturing.

A big thanks to Karen for running the fit school section of the day, and to all of the bloggers for attending- Sophia, Charl, Becky, Toni, Katarzyna, Lil, Clare, Betty, Rosie, Clare & Phoebe. We hope the session was worthwhile and that we’ve helped you to understand the core factors when it comes to bra-fitting. if not try our interactive Fit Guide.

Learn the fit