New Year’s Resolutions from Panache

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Bavarian MountainsSo it’s the first week in January, how many of your New Years’ resolutions are still intact? After much internet and publication research, it seems there are two main categories that most New Year’s resolutions fall into: to take better care of ourselves and to try something new. So, we did a quick survey of our office to see if we fell into this trend, and guess what? We do!

Here is a roundup of our resolutions for 2015…


To eat better. Many of us in the office, men and women, are on a mission to eat healthier this year. For most of us, they are simple steps we can quite easily achieve, such as eating more fruit and drinking more water on a daily basis.


To get fit. Our first two resolutions easily fit into the ‘to take better care of ourselves’ category. Again, we aren’t being too ambitious here at the office, which is probably a good thing as we are less likely to fail! From getting back into a regular running routine to joining the gym across the road, we are aiming to improve our health and wellbeing in small steps.


A new wardrobe. Many of us (girls, we have to admit) want to overhaul their wardrobes and try a new look this season. Some of us are going to try one of SS15’s big looks, wide leg trousers, which we are hoping will be flattering to our various sizes and shapes! Some of us are also aiming to get more colour into our work outfits too.


A new beauty regime. Again, falling into the ‘try something new category’, many of us are wanting to improve our appearance and try new products. Starting (and sticking to) a good beauty regime by cleansing, toning and moisturising twice a day is a popular aim, as is trying a new product or look, such as perfecting the winged eyeliner look or finding our perfect shade of red lipstick. Shorter hair is also on the horizon for a few us too.


Travel to new places. This is definitely high up on the list of many Panache staff. Some of us are travelling away on belated honeymoons to far flung corners of the earth, while some of us are going to explore previously undiscovered (to ourselves) nooks and crannies of the British Isles. To keep up to date with all our adventures, and to win yourself a new set of swimwear, visit our Pinterest page and get involved in our competition!

New Year’s Resolutions from Panache