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Breakfast is a vital meal and when done right it can also feel like a real treat!

Oats are a key ingredient for a protein and magnesium rich breakfast, in keeping with our fitness breakfast giveaway with MOMA! we asked foodie instagram sensation Jennifer Makes to rustle up a quick and easy oaty recipe,

perfect for on the go!

It’s deliciously sweet and creamy, like having dessert for breakfast! The apple brings freshness
to the oats and makes it crisp and refreshing, I always like to peel the apples first as it’s easy to
digest and more soothing on the stomach. You can mix up the spices, perhaps swapping the
cinnamon for ground nutmeg or ginger.

Spiced Apple Bircher
Here’s how I made it:
• 1 peeled & cored apple
• 45g MOMA! oats
• pinch of cinnamon
• tsp of maple syrup or honey
• 150ml of plant milk
Grate the apple into a bowl, add the rest of the ingredients and stir until mixed together. Pop in
the fridge overnight and enjoy chilled.