Take Care of your Bra so it Can Take Care of You

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A good fitting bra is well worth the purchase, it makes you feel great, and can change your shape and posture completely, so it makes sense to take care of what looks after you, right? And for bras, this means hand washing.

I think we’ve all been guilty of throwing our bras in the washing machine; most of us think we just simply don’t have the time to hand wash and really just prefer to ‘shove it’ all into the washing machine at once. But why should I hand wash my bras you ask? Well…

  1. By hand washing you can preserve the life-cycle of your bra; a good bra should last up to 6 months (depending on how often or not it’s being worn)
  2. Machine washing can stretch out the elastic, leaving it unable to give you the support you need
  3. It can also tangle everything up together with other clothes & pull your carefully constructed brassieres entirely out of shape
  4. Washing amongst other clothes can cause the bra to turn grey or dingy from colour run off
  5. Aggressive machine washing can cause the underwire to pop out of its’ encasing and the fabric to thin and tear

Read on to learn to learn our top hand washing tips to keep your bras performing at their best:

  • Bras should be washed between 2-5 wears depending on the type of skin you have – the oils from your skin can degrade elastic, along with perfumes and deodorants so if you’ve had a particularly sweaty day, then it’s probably best to wash, if not, wear for another day.
  • To wash the bra, simply soak it in lukewarm water in the sink or a bowl with a splash of lingerie wash, baby shampoo or if you don’t have those, normal shampoo or a teaspoon of detergent will work fine; the less harsh the better.
  • Make sure the bra is completely submerged, then leave it for 15 – 20 minutes, if the bra is slightly soiled, lightly agitate in the water or use a toothbrush to get rid of any stains otherwise it’s fine just staying still, definitely do not rub the bra together.
  • After the bra has been soaked, fill the sink or bowl with fresh water and submerge once more, move the bra around a little whilst rinsing under a cold tap to ensure there is no product left in the bra and all the dirt is out.
  • Hang dry and never machine dry.

Believe us, your bras (and your boobs) will thank you!

If you’ve yet to find that perfect bra which won’t bite back even after taking the time to hand wash, perhaps it’s time to find your fit with our interactive Fit Guide

Take Care of your Bra so it Can Take Care of You