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We all have different tastes and favourites when it comes to lingerie, one style in particular that we’ve noticed become a popular hit is ‘stretch lace’. Many of our lingerie styles feature a stretch lace top cup, as so many of you love the kind of fit it gives.

So, what kind of fit does a stretch lace bra give?

Our stretch lace bras have lined bottom cups, which give you that stability and support you need, while the stretch lace top cups give a forgiving fit for the fuller busted. This is because it moulds to your natural shape, hugging your curves comfortably. Stretch lace bras also give a much smoother finish under clothes, as the lace is soft and delicately trimmed, a lovely seamless look is created.

Who can wear a stretch lace bra?

Well, to put it shortly: anyone who wants to! We do, however, particularly recommend stretch lace bras to women with asymmetrical bust sizes as it will slightly stretch to accommodate the larger sided bust. Also, women who find that their bust size changes quite a bit when menstruating could find stretch lace bras a god send! Their forgiving fit will, again, stretch slightly to accommodate for your fuller bust size.

How am I getting support if it’s stretchy?

Fear not, you can still get ultimate Panache support with our stretch lace styles – in fact, our best seller ‘Envy’ has stretch lace! Our stretch lace bras feature lined bottom cups and inner side slings, which give you great support, lift and shape. The support and fit comes from the construction of our bras, which we pride ourselves on and is certainly not compromised when accompanied with a stretch lace top cup. So, nothing to worry about!

Which of your bras are stretch lace?

We’ve got so many different styles, colours and patterns in stretch lace! Here are some of our favourites:

If you’ve been swooned by our beautifully delicate stretch lace styles, take a browse and discover support and style with Panache Lingerie. Many of these styles are available in more colours and patterns too, so there’s a little something for everyone!



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Trending: Stretch Lace Bras