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Summer has arrived and wedding season is in full swing. If you have more than one wedding to attend it can be tricky to find the best wedding gift for the bride and groom. We’ve put together a list of ideas on how to find the right gift.


Etsy and Not on the High Street


Both sites offer different and unique gifts that are a little more personal than those found on the high street (no pun intended). It can take some time to filter through all of the options available but the chances are you will find something unique. Personalised gifts are also available on the sites but allow enough time for this on top of delivery.




Most wedding parties are registered at their favourite department store with a list of items they wish to receive. This is the easiest way to ensure that you get something the bride and groom will want, however, make sure you get to the list first for the best choice – no-one wants to be left with the salt and pepper shakers!


Honeymoon Surprise


This one is for the adventurous! Find out where the bride and groom are heading on their holiday and plan a nice surprise for them upon their arrival at their hotel room – maybe a bottle of champagne, flowers or a couple’s spa treatment. Hotels are more than happy to arrange this ahead of their arrival.



Post Wedding Thoughts


Although it is tradition to provide the bride and groom with a gift on their big day, a gift after the wedding is just as appropriate, especially if it sums up the day – perhaps a framed photo of the day or a photo album or any special memory from the day.


We think these are fool proof ways to ensure you get a personal gift that will mean something to the bride and groom. Share you experiences or what you think are good gift ideas at @lovepanache or @cleoadores.

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